BELEDUC ของเล่นพัฒนาการ GEOSORTER
BELEDUC ของเล่นพัฒนาการ GEOSORTER
BELEDUC ของเล่นพัฒนาการ GEOSORTER

BELEDUC ของเล่นพัฒนาการ GEOSORTER

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Sorting, assigning and removing the shapes - GeoSorter invites you to deal with the different basic shapes and colours. Twelve motifs cards with different levels of difficulty, which need to be inserted into a wooden frame and are to be filled with wooden shapes, represent a challenge for our young children.

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BELEDUC ของเล่นพัฒนาการ GEOSORTER

The GeoSorter provides an initial understanding of shapes, colours and spaces for young children. This educational game contains the three basic forms circle, triangle and square. The basic forms are spatially characterised by cylinder, prism and cube. Each of these bodies is available in the primary colours red, blue and yellow. The task is to sort the wooden shapes in the six double-sided plastic cards with geometrical cut outs. The motif cards are designed so that they appeal to boys and girls alike. The level of difficulty of the cards increases with the increasing number of notches. Thus, there are basic motif cards with only two notches and sophisticated ones with up to four notches. Thanks to a grip recess on each corner of a card, the child can take the motif card independently from the frame and insert a new motif card. The motif cards are slightly raised by the wooden frame, so that one half each of the wooden shapes looks out of the cards and thus the cards complete the motif very nicely. The frame offers the possibility to stow all the cards on the back handily. The wooden shapes are kept in the cotton bag.

Content: 1 wooden frame, 6 motif cards, 9 wooden shapes, 1 bag

Dimensions: 320 x 225 x 45 mm (retail packaging)

Age: 24M+

Players: 1+

Develops: Speech development, naming of motifs, expanding vocabulary, Problem solving, Recognising and completing motifs together, eye-hand-coordination, gross and fine motor skills, visual perception, Recognising of colours and shapes, completing of motifs, creativity, First counting, first geometrical basic knowledge (shapes), Recognising of shapes in everyday life