BELEDUC ของเล่นพัฒนาการ LOGIPIC
BELEDUC ของเล่นพัฒนาการ LOGIPIC

BELEDUC ของเล่นพัฒนาการ LOGIPIC

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ช่วงอายุ : 3 ปี

Now creativity starts! LogiPic is a magnet game with which different patterns on the task cards need to be copied on the board. Here phantasy can be unfolded to the fullest extent. The handy design makes the game suitable for both children and adults. Thus, LogiPic is always ready to hand and ideal for spontaneous play situations of varying duration. Thanks to its easy use, the game is self-explanatory and perfectly suitable for independent play.

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BELEDUC ของเล่นพัฒนาการ LOGIPIC

When painting and drawing, children give free expression to their creativity. Children don’t have to learn creativity, they are creative by nature – each in his or her own way. Fostering children’s creativity early on makes it easier for them to think “out of the box” later. Our LogiPic is an excellent way of supporting the development of this important personal competence in children. LogiPic is a magnetic game, recommended for use with children from age 3. As well as creative thought, it also supports the development of fine motor skills and accurate, concentrated work. LogiPic helps children to learn colours and recognise colour differences. Like children’s drawing activities, LogiPic stimulates children to occupy themselves with various shapes and objects found in nature. LogiPic consists of a wooden frame with a magnetic pen attached to it, and a set of cards with eight motifs printed on both sides. The task is to re-create the motifs shown on the cards by using the magnetic pen to distribute the coloured balls. These template cards have the same motif printed on them back and front, but with different degrees of difficulty. Difficulty is defined as Level 1 (indicated by one star) or Level 2 (indicated by two stars). The cards present the following challenges:

Content: 1 wooden frame with magnetic tool, 8 task cards

Dimensions: 320 x 225 x 45 mm (retail packaging)

Age: 3+

Players: 1+

Develops: recognising and naming of colours and objects, assignment skills, fine motor skills, hand-eye-coordination, creativity, phantasy


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